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For the woman who puts herself last behind family, work, partners and chores- it’s your time.

For the woman running on empty, lost amongst the juggle of everything on her to-do list and has lost touch with the woman she longs to be.

For the woman who wants to know how to refill her ‘cup’ when life demands more than she can give.

If you are ready to awaken connection, wisdom and clarity then read on….

Sofia Women's Circle - online women's circle or in person Sydney Australia

Nurture yourself from the inside out by joining a Circle.

Lead each other in community - Sofia Women's Circle Sydney
Come together into a women's circle

It might sound New Age but the practice is as old as time.

We send our bodies to the spa but tend to neglect our hearts and minds. Sitting in Circle is pampering for your heartspace. Something we not only deserve, but require to feel grounded.

Give yourself this gift; feel seen, centred, connected and inspired to approach your life with fullness.

Follow your intuition

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Want to start the journey? Your questions answered here.

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Interested in learning more? Read the journal.

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