It doesn’t have to be a dramatic, life-changing event that calls you to a Circle. For some, it’s a slight tug at your sleeve, pulling you toward an ancient practice. Maybe you’re too busy to feel it, but somehow you’ve landed on this page in this moment.

I’m Giselle and it was that slight ‘tug’ that led me to this work. I spent years trying to find a practice, a community, or coursework that could awaken the ancient feminine in my life but nothing fit my lifestyle. I consider myself to be a modern woman, I have a corporate background so I understand order and reason. Most of what was offered out there felt outside my comfort zone. I knew I could offer something meaningful to other women like me.

I know in my heart that women are designed for socialising, connecting, communing, and working together in teams. This goes back centuries when women did chores and raised children together. Where have our villages gone? Today, with technology, women can have it all, but at the same time, it has isolated us from one another.

It’s time to reimagine Circles, in order to fill the gaps in our modern-day communities.

This is precisely why I started my business.

Everything I’ve learned from a decade of research helped me to craft Circles for like-minded women who want to feel connected socially and in the workplace.

When you follow this divine path, you will find that the answers are already within you. You just need to look. Let me show you how.

Have questions about how it works? Email me. Want to learn more about the different circles I offer? View my offerings.


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