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In our day-to-day interactions, we barely taste the vanilla icing. In Circle, you will not only bite into the scrumptious, chocolate cake but you learn to understand each individual ingredient. With that knowledge comes the power to create your own cake, and eat it too.

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What is a Women’s Circle?

Forming a circle promotes equality and creates a safe space for women of all ages to share their lives and stories. They can freely express themselves, experience being seen and heard, and feel supported by a fully present community.

Circle is a place to exchange spiritual energy, set positive intentions, and harness the collective power of like-minds. Here women can tap into and nurture their need for connection and, in some cases, healing.

Women’s Circles offer deep healing on subtle and profound levels. Sometimes we don’t know what we’ve been holding onto until a sister lets go in front of us, inviting us to do the same,  giving ourselves permission to become self-aware and present.

Participating in Circle allows the women to draw from and refill the infinite pool of wisdom that is female knowledge and intuition.

What is the history of a Women’s Circle?
Women have been communing in circles through the ages. Women would come together to share tasks, duties and care for children and the elderly. While they nurtured their communities, they shared stories. Circles have honoured our female gifts with wisdom, support, and offering strength to one another. The benefits are as individual as each woman participating.

This is the place where we discover the answers are already inside us if only we can learn how to find them. It’s the place where we discover new roads on our life-map, helping us reach the woman we are meant to become.

In Circle, we sit as equals. We come together. United in a common purpose.

This is not a religious practice but rather a way of being in the world. A path set by generations before us to guide self-realisation, potential, and integration with our environment and community.

Sofia is the name of our Circle because she is the feminine personification of wisdom.

What Happens in a Women’s Circle?

Sofia Women’s Circle offers a boutique and intimate circle for no more than ten women, supported by ritual, ceremony, format, activities, guided visualization and music.

When you arrive, you will be welcomed with gentle music, a hug and are offered a white sage cleansing to clear away the energies of the day or week. Then you are invited to brew a cup of herbal tea and take some water before choosing your place in the Circle on a cushion.

We sit on the floor in Circle to demonstrate equality as women and ground ourselves for what will unfold. There is an introduction and welcome, intention-setting, structure and guidelines set out, then we will invoke support for the Circle.

I will guide you through a visualisation and mindfulness activity to help drop you into the space of vulnerability and relaxation. Sharing will then take place with the use of a heart stone, followed by an opportunity to share your wisdom. After some reflection and check-in to see how you are feeling, the Circle will be closed.

There are no expectations to do anything other than be your gorgeous Self. The Circle is about your experience, choose to share or sit and absorb the feminine energy. What you would like to bring, add, take or leave in Circle is up to you.

What are the benefits of Women’s Circle?

• NATURAL HIGH: Research shows when we support, nurture and nourish others, endorphins are released in the brain, giving us a natural high.

• SAFETY TO SHARE: It’s a safe space for women to be vulnerable, sharing their tears and laughter together.

• REDUCES ISOLATION: Sitting in Circle with women fosters connection and eliminates isolation.

• DEEP CONNECTION: Women’s Circles allow us to see beyond stories, without judgement for others or ourselves.

• ACCESS TO A SUPPORT NETWORK: Sharing emotional bonds, knowing that a group of women have ‘got your back’ is positive for your health and wellbeing.

• FRIENDSHIP FORMING: Friendships can be established or deepened within circle, you’ll meet women you may never have crossed paths within your everyday life.

• AUTHENTICITY: Honour and celebrate your successes, challenges and struggles by sharing from the heart.

• CONFIDENTIALITY: Women’s Circles provide a sacred, confidential container for your most intimate thoughts.

• HEALING: Deep listening and being held by the feminine during this process can be cathartic and liberating.

• SELF DEVELOPMENT: Women’s Circles will open you up to new experiences and fresh perspectives.

• TRANSFORMING: Committing to this practice is a sure way to see amazing transformations in your own life.

• SELF AFFIRMING: By making a declaration that this time is sacred for you and that YOU are worthy of that which fills your cup. It becomes a space to invest in your Self… and others.

What are the guidelines for participating in a Women’s Circle?
The magic of the Circle works best when you can prioritise yourself and each other to be early, doors will open on schedule, and Circle will commence at the allocated time.

It might be tempting to cancel last minute due to a variety of reasons, but honour the discomfort you feel by trying something new. Treat this experience and yourself with kindness and curiosity and push yourself to accept this gift.

Know you will be held in a safe and confidential space scaffolded by a clear set of guiding principles. The core foundations of the Circle contains an honourable code of practice that builds and strengthens connection, support and emotional safety.

Circle is a confidential, judgement and advice-giving free zone. What is said in Circle stays in Circle and women bear witness for each other and respect the truths which are shared.

What are the themes of Women’s Circle?
Circling together is a dynamic process, each meeting has a different rhythm and tone. We give ourselves to the flow trusting it to yield precisely what we need (which is often different to what we think). Sofia Women’s Circle is a sharing circle to bring out what is present for us right now and what sense we are making of it. Sometimes we will focus the sharing to consider specific themes of our feminine journey or practice releasing what no longer serves, restoring balance and setting intentions.
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