I almost can’t put into words how special the women’s circle was with Giselle. I am a bride to be and Giselle crafted the most beautiful, heartwarming and intentional journey for myself and my closest girlfriends/sisters. From the opening of the circle to the closing of it, each and every one of us all felt so connected, grounded, vulnerable and held in the best of ways.
My girlfriends couldn’t stop complimenting Giselle and the experience enough – especially as they hadn’t done a women’s circle ever before. I truly recommend this experience to other future brides or to anyone who feels called to be surrounded and uplifted by other women, to be seen and heard in a way that just honestly feels so natural. It was everything I could have asked for, and more and I am approaching my new chapter feeling so supported and loved by these incredible women. Thankyou Giselle, from the bottom of my heart I am eternally grateful.
Love Elana : Bride to Be Celebration Circle – May 2022

I shared, opened up, learned and connected.

Privacy Respected : Sydney – October 2020

I loved the venue, it was sublime and instantly relaxed me. The sessions were seamless, flowing gently from each activity and the mix of yoga, circle and creative activity was spot on. Loved the Indian thali meal and all the delicious treats too. Left feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Jane : Inner Goddess Retreat – October 2020

A much needed respite from the stress of this year. Had no expectations and was blown away with the attention to detail in everything. The gift bags, the food, the care and individual attention was outstanding. Loved it all. A bit emotional at the end but in a good way.

Pauline : Inner Goddess Retreat – October 2020

I was really looking forward to this retreat. Needed to get away for sure. The location, the day, the sessions and the hosts get top marks from me. I was pampered and looked after and I came away feeling relaxed. Highly recommend to all.

Chandana : Inner Goddess Retreat – October 2020

The day was just so special.I loved the setting and the attention to detail. Though I was nervous about meeting new people, everyone was so nice and we all had a great time together. A huge thank you as we had a really great day.

Emma : Inner Goddess Retreat – October 2020

It was beautiful. Breathtaking.

As we sat, sharing, journaling, journeying, the outside light dimmed and the candles flickered. And there was that deep old remembering that we had done this before.

Thank you @sofiawomenscircle for such a beautiful Circle, for holding such powerful space. And to all who came and shared, it was such an honour to be with you.

Clare Foale : Sydney – August 2020

I’ve been reflecting on last night’s wonderful circle, held so expertly by you.

You have such a grounded and calm presence.  A wisdom that cannot be taught.  You are here to connect women to their inner worlds and to each other. Your circles offer a place for healing and transformation.

Last night was potent and powerful but delivered in the most gentle way.  Your energy was warm, wise and loving, and you brought a quiet strength that told us, without any words, that we were safe, held, contained.

You put incredible effort into the beautiful alter (it was sublime – you have an eye for creating beauty!!), the music you chose, the visualisation, the havening technique you taught us and the entire format – and it paid off.  It was a brilliantly prepared and executed circle.

I felt so safe and supported, it was incredible.

So… thank YOU!

Kerry Solomon :: Coaching I Yoga I Circle I Canberra – April 2020

What a profound evening! I came to Giselle’s circle feeling really disconnected, the tasks of life have kept me so occupied lately I wasn’t prioritising myself the way I wanted to.

She was so welcoming, I felt right at home with all the other women.

I left feeling really nourished, calm and peaceful, with a reminder that other women feel the same way as me and I am not alone. I woke up today with more love for myself. Thank you.

Melissa Cherie Patenaude : Sydney – February 2020