Women’s Circle – After Lockdown in Studio

Sunday  5 December 2021 

5pm-7pm  in studio

Recent times have been hard for us all, there have been challenges met and faced by everyone. In that we are united.

Jess Cooper


Lockdown has been challenging in its imposed isolation, it has changed us forever. How are you feeling after lockdown? Have you embraced your freedom wholeheartedly or are you tentatively emerging? No matter if you are comfortable, confused, altered or the same, no matter how you are feeling, I invite you to bring your gorgeous self to sip tea surrounded by candles, cuddled by bolsters, cushions and blankets and supported by incredibly strong, insightful and sensitive women with a unique life experience and perspective…just like you. So let’s talk lockdown!


What do you even talk about and do in circle?

I get asked what we talk about and what happens at these Circles. I get asked if we’re a book club or if we just talk about what we’re watching on telly that month. It’s hard to describe because the conversations we have are incredibly organic. We have themes that tend to give a little focus, but these are an inspiration and forms a baseline, and discussions and ideas flow, grow and flower like a meadow.

Sofia Women’s Circle provides a nourishing and safer container to share all thoughts and emotions supported by ritual, format, guided meditation, inspirational activities, and music.

There is optional sharing around your own experiences and feelings, or you might choose to simply sit and listen, there is no pressure to participate. Take away exactly what you need from the Circle experience.

  • A beautiful guided visualisation to allow yourself to come gently into your body and consider what you may wish to give voice to.
  • A creative process to open and connect with your heart
  • You are invited to share anything that comes up for you, no matter how big or small or simply enjoy the peace of not having anything expected of you.
  • Real and authentic connection with other women
  • An opportunity to unpack, unload and be understood
  • A safer, confidential and judgment free space where you ask for and take what you need 

Join us in Circle where you can nurture your need for connection, and freely express how you feel, experience being seen and heard, and be supported by a fully present community of like minded women.

Everything is welcome here, we have a Las Vegas rule – what’s said in Circle, stays in Circle – and we never try to fix problems that might be happening for someone else. We trust that each female is capable in her own right.

“Thank you so much for creating this wonderful circle. It was beautiful and intimate and bought so much into my life. It opened me up so much! Looking forward to connecting again.”

I look forward to welcoming you in real life, face to face and in person!

Giselle xo

VENUE: Nourished Yoga, 31 Myoora Road, Terrey Hills, NSW Australia

EXCHANGE: $45.00

Our circle is kept small to ensure an intimate experience.

Sofia Women’s Circle and Nourished Yoga have COVID Safety protocols in place for your protection.

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