How wonderful is the turning of the season! The nights are getting longer, the days are shorter and there is a briskness to the air in the mornings as we warm in a gentler sun during the day. Autumn is here!

Using this time of the season to begin to turn in, not only physically as we layer up the clothes and the blankets, but also spiritually it is the perfect time to turn inwards and contemplate our emotional and mental wellbeing.

What, in fact is inner wellbeing? Good question…

Have you ever noticed how everything seems manageable when you’re in a good mood? Or how a problem doesn’t seem so serious after you’ve woken up from a good rest? Ever noticed how a phone call to a friend makes you feel so much better?

The effects of our mental status are experienced in every aspect of our lives. Our moods, physical health, and social connections help us cope better with adversity and unexpected hurdles. Together, they contribute to our sense of wellbeing.

It is so important to nurture our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as it does in fact feed the soul!

Here are some ways to nurture your wellbeing in Autumn:

  1. Enjoy the last bits of warm weather: Sunshine is so uplifting
  2. Contribute to a cause you believe in: Helping others improves mood and feelings of empowerment.
  3. Cultivate good quality connections: Being really seen and heard is reinforcing and comforting
  4. Saying No: setting and enforcing boundaries gives spaciousness and is de-stressing
  5. De-clutter: Autumn is a great time to clear some space and make your home a calming refuge
  6. Bake: Baking is a way to express your creativity (and it tastes sooo good!)
  7. Keep a Gratitude Journal: A quick and effective way to shift your focus to the positives
  8. Do some autumn inspired colouring: mindfulness is relaxing and rejuvenating
  9. Find and join a Circle: taking some time for you is the ultimate self care

I wonder how you can nurture your inner well being this season?

“may the leaves fall exactly as they should; to release all that you no longer need  allowing spaciousness for the new growth which follows in their place”

– my autumn blessing for you.

Giselle x

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