How Might We Circle is a spark, an idea, a thought shower that has been niggling and nudging me for a while now.
As space holders we give so much of ourselves and often this can feel isolating, draining and downright lonely. Some of us are blessed to have created a support network of other circle and space holders who can be there as sounding boards and gentle landings. But who do you unload to, work through tricky feelings and bounce around your ideas with? Would you love to talk ‘shop’ with women who get it?
Holding space is not easy and I for one find it a unique position to be in that is hard to share with others who cannot quite know what it means to hold space and particularly in the container of circle – we create safer and braver spaces for other women…but what about us? Who holds the holder?
I’ve dreamed the concept and would love to hear if there is value in crafting that dream into reality – am I meeting a need or is it a pipe dream….be honest….please.
If you have facilitated a circle, are currently holding space for others, particularly in circle or are an emerging circle holder I would love you to share your wisdom with me by simply clicking the link below and responding to a few prompts which will help inform my way forward with this offering.
“If you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I am not interested in your feedback”
– Brene Brown
As you, my lovely are in the arena with me, I am so very interested in your thoughts and my gratitude to you for answering the call and for all you do to hold space for others and help make circle mainstream.

Giselle xo

image: Speak Your Truth by Duy Huynh

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