Letting Your Light Out – Online Circle


Sunday 24 October 2021 – 6pm to 8pm

“I am a big fan of women and celebrate each and every one of us! I believe we should let our light out!” Giselle Perry

How are you feeling? Do you want to talk about it? Unpack it? Explore it? Give voice to it? Let it out? Listen and gain wisdom from other women’s experiences and know that you are not alone? Rage against it? Consider what to keep from lockdown, what to leave behind? How do you want to let your light out?

Letting your light out is about embracing and celebrating what it is to be a woman in all it’s mess and glory! 

We will be inspired by each other’s stories, informed by the medicine of our womanly wisdom, share our small and not so small wins and have a gentle place to land as we celebrate and unpack all that is the feminine experience for you right now.

I invite you to show up just as you are and take what you need from the Circle experience.

Gift yourself 2 hours of time to relax, to check in with yourself and create space to connect and open your heart in the safer space of our Circle.



  • A beautiful guided visualisation to allow yourself to come gently into your body and consider what you may wish to give voice to.
  • A creative process to open and connect with your heart
  • You are invited to share anything that comes up for you, no matter how big or small or simply enjoy the peace of not having anything expected of you.
  • Real and authentic connection with other women
  • An opportunity to unpack, unload and be understood
  • A safer, confidential and judgment free space where you ask for and take what you need and

Join us in Circle on line where you can nurture your need for connection, and freely express how you feel, experience being seen and heard, and be supported by a fully present community of like minded women. No matter where you are in the world, no matter how you are feeling, you are able to join and bring your gorgeous self to Circle and take away exactly what you need from the experience.

You may choose to remain off camera and as always in circle sharing is optional. We all respect each other and how we choose to show up, disrespect will not be tolerated – it takes courage to speak from the heart in front of strangers and our circle nurtures and is a safer container for openness and honesty.

Here is a little of how one Circle Sister felt afterwards:

“What an amazing circle it was! Thank you so much. You are always so wonderful and the theme and just those 2 questions and those 2 words were so good and thought provoking! I will definitely book for the next circle.”

Together we are stronger!

Giselle xo

Circle is held on Zoom, joining link and tips on how to maximise your online circle experience will be emailed to you upon securing your booking.


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