It is the start of a new year and with it comes a flurry of resolutions, focus words and intention setting. Most of these will be around outcomes or material achievements.

I have recently stumbled across a concept which I know revolutionises the way of making our wishes come true! Detaching your desires from a result or goal; instead recognising, acknowledging and articulating them and then….imagine you’re releasing all those desires into the silence of infinite organizing power and letting the universe deliver the perfect gifts. Wish granted!

Yes, let them go and let the universe work its magic on your behalf!

Now this is not all my idea, but as you know, lovely reader, I believe there is power in sharing! I stumbled across the concept when it landed in my inbox from chopra, one of those newsletters I subscribe to and then when they arrive, I skim read and then delete! (We all do that right?) But not THIS time – the concept made so much sense to me I just HAD to share the wisdom.

It sounds so much simpler and less stressful, right?!  Too good to be true? Well, give it a try, I certainly am going to!

OK so, I hear you thinking, this is all well and good, but what does it look like? Here is how I interpreted the idea into a set of 4 easy and accessible steps:

🤎 Take a pause, in a quiet spot with your tea and breathe to connect with your heart (ego can go play elsewhere for a while and your brain can take a break) your heart has this one

🤎 Ask yourself, “What do I desire?” There is a feeling, it will be a flutter or a deep knowing or somewhere in between. Allow this feeling to form into words and right it or them down.

🤎 Read them before your meditations and before you sleep at night, then let them go.

🤎 Allow the faint impression of them to be carried within and planted, like a seed, in the most fertile field of your consciousness.

Yes! It is that simple! And then you just get on with your life whilst the universe and your subconscious work their magic. No resolutions to break and no intentions to dishonour.

My desire this year is for simplicity and the lightness and clarity that it brings. If one of your desires is for that often illusive ‘something more’, then the universe has led you to read this post and in turn you may be curious about the way of Circle and join one of ours, or find one closer to home or online.

Be bold with your desires, anything is possible. Always strive for the best, you deserve it.

Go ahead…make a wish!

Giselle x

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