Share the challenges and triumphs of your world in a space where you are supported, seen and heard. Refresh your heartspace with a community of women who are fully present for you.

The Circle Space

monthly offering or a five week deep dive for two hours a week

Unburden. Indulge. Unite.

Sit in the safety, love and support of a Circle, where women have been communing for ages. Honour what it means to be female with strength, support and wisdom.

Circle is

  • Time to be kind to ourselves
  • Space to share our truths
  • A non-judgemental, caring, informative and confidential space
  • The opportunity to give and receive
  • Replenishing and refreshing our emotions
  • Community, compassion, clarity and connection

Each intimate, boutique Circle is offered to ten women, supported by ritual, guided visualisation and music.

Contact me to learn more or pop over to the journal page for upcoming Circles

The Work Space

two hour workshop

Connection. Empowerment. Transformation.

A holistic approach to talent management and wellness is a valuable tool in maintaining morale, staff retention, reducing absences and building loyalty. The Circle Workshops are a way an organisation can recognise female staff have unique attributes when considering personal development and wellness offerings.
Women are unique and bring inherent qualities to the workplace. Some of these gender driven qualities and their translation to workplace behaviours include:

  • Recognition of women’s desire to connect, commune and collaborate for the greater good (teamwork & team building)
  • An almost instinctual drive to be all things to all people and deliver excellence in all we do (commitment & dedication)
  • Women tirelessly put others needs before our own and sacrifice much, often leaving ourselves depleted and off-centre (‘can-do’ attitude & stressed)

During this two-hour workshop women have the opportunity to share with their colleagues to enhance personal growth and wellness in the workplace.

Contact me to learn more about workplace offerings or to book one for your team.


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