Online Circle – Virtual Circle Real Connection


SUNDAY 21 JUNE 2020 – 5.00pm to 7.00pm

Snuggle up and logon for some soul warming self care and connection with like minded women without leaving the warmth of your own home!

The shortest day of the year when the world is at its darkest, is the perfect time to shine the light on your personal journey and though, as women we walk our own paths and our circumstances are all unique, we feel the same emotions and responses and by sharing our stories we learn that we are not alone.

In that learning develops a deep knowing that in Circle you have the courage and support to look inwards and share your story without judgement or advice. You are given the chance to be truly seen and heard. This is how you warm your soul.

Our May online Circle had one participant say: “It’s hard to put into words what circles offer. I can talk about the safe space, the power of being witnessed and the connection one feels. But there’s a magic and a medicine to circles that’s better experienced than it is explained.”

Come experience Circle this month…..Circle is held on Zoom, joining link and tips on how to maximise your online circle experience will be emailed to you upon ticket purchase.


Look forward to sitting in Circle with you very soon x

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