Four Phases of the Feminine

Meet, explore & lean into aspects of your feminine journey

Specially crafted Women’s Circles over four mindfully selected Sundays throughout 2022 in gentle synchronicity with the seasons and the moon. In studio 5pm-7pm

SOLD OUT ~ 3 July – your WISE woman ~ SOLD OUT
4 December – your WONDROUS woman ~ 4 SPACES AVAILABLE


Join us as we go a little deeper!

Just as nature’s seasons transform and transition with blurred lines, so do the seasons of the feminine experience. Maiden, Mother, Maga and Crone (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) are the phases of our lives. Whist we may be ‘in’ a partiuclar season, we have the privilege to connect and call upon all the essence and attributes of each of the archetyes of our inner feminine landscapes. Responding and rising to challenges with wisdom, insight, support and courage. To know deep within and to do what feels right. I invite you to connect with your four phases of the feminine in Circle in 2022, to bring your gorgeous self to sip tea surrounded by candles, cuddled by bolsters, cushions and blankets and supported by incredibly strong, insightful and sensitive women with a unique life experience and perspective…just like you.



What are the four seasons and what you will discover!

You will be introduced to four very distinct women, your WILD WOMAN, your WISE WOMAN, your WANDERING WOMAN  and your WONDROUS WOMAN – a circle inspired for each of the archetypes is an opportunity to connect with and explore their unique attributes and energies regardless of the season you may find yourself in right now. Being able to call on each ‘woman’ as you navigate life is a beautiful blessing offering strength, support, guidance, wisdom and courage to act on what feels right for you.

Whilst we will have a structure and a focus, it is difficult to know where each of our organic, collectively co-created conversations will take us.  As each woman in circle, in that moment, brings her essence and lived experiences which allow the discussions and ideas to flow, grow and flower like a meadow.

Sofia Women’s Circle provides a nourishing and safer container to share all thoughts and emotions supported by ritual, format, guided journeying, inspirational activities, and music.

There is optional sharing around your own experiences and feelings, or you might choose to simply sit and listen, there is no pressure to participate. Take away exactly what you need from the Circle experience.

  • A beautiful guided journey to allow yourself to come gently into your body and consider what you may wish to give voice to.
  • A creative process to open your heart and connect with your inner feminine
  • You are invited to share anything that comes up for you, no matter how big or small or simply enjoy the peace of not having anything expected of you.
  • Real and authentic connection with other women
  • An opportunity to meet and get to know your wild, wise, wandering and wondrous woman
  • A gentle place to unpack, unload and be understood
  • A safer, confidential and judgment free space where you ask for and take what you need 

Each circle is designed to be ‘stand alone’, however, the four Circles are crafted and offered as a complete and complimentary experience where you can nurture your need for connection and be supported by a fully present community of like minded women.

but we all are connected to the universe, and so like the cycles of the moon, we may benefit being aware of the ebb and flow of our own internal tides if we can and want, in each phase, being compassionate and patient with ourselves and others.

The four phases of the feminine way ~ Lache S.

I look forward to welcoming you

Giselle xo


VENUE: Nourished Yoga, 31 Myoora Road, Terrey Hills, NSW Australia


Our circle is kept small to ensure an intimate experience.

Everything is welcome here, we have a Las Vegas rule – what’s said in Circle, stays in Circle. We trust that each female is capable in her own right.

Sofia Women’s Circle and Nourished Yoga have COVID Safety protocols in place for your protection.

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