Sunday Women’s Circle

It’s like Yoga for the Heart Space

4th Sunday of the month 5.00pm-7.00pm :


A boutique sharing circle – self care and connection for women. 

No matter where you are on life’s journey, no matter how you are feeling, I invite you to bring your gorgeous self to gather for 2 hours just for you!

Sofia Women’s Circle provides a nourishing and safe container to share all thoughts and emotions supported by ritual, format, guided meditation, inspirational activities, and music.

There is optional sharing around your own experiences and feelings, or just choose to soak up the sister goodnesss. Take away exactly what you need from the Circle experience.

• Set aside precious time to be kind to yourself
• Enter a non-judgemental, caring, informative and confidential space
• Gather to share your truth & witness the life stories of others
• Replenish your emotional fuel stores
• Co-create community, compassion, clarity and connection

“Thank you Giselle for creating a pocket in time where I am able to connect inwards and outwards. Where I can pause, reflect and share my truth. Where I feel supported and accepted. I love the beauty, magic and ritual you infuse your circles with and I cannot wait for the next one!”

Join us won’t you?

VENUE: Nourished Yoga, 31 Myoora Road, Terrey Hills, NSW Australia

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