To Share or Not to Share..That is the Question

Sharing, we do it all the time, right? We share posts, comments and reactions on social media, we share our food with family and friends, we share our earth and we share our inner most thoughts and feelings on a regular basis – oh wait, what was the last one?

Sharing our inner most thoughts and feelings – that can sound kind of scary and might mean we are vulnerable and leaving ourselves open for judgement and uncalled for advice. Opportunities to be vulnerable are few and far between and rightly so as our survival instinct pops up again and dictates that we should shield ourselves and not fully reveal our innermost workings.

We are not necessarily naturals at sharing. For those of us with children you may recall how much time and emotional energy we spend teaching our toddler the importance of sharing and the battles of will that ensue. To a certain extent we have a similar internal battle when it comes to sitting in Circle and the first round of sharing is opened.

The act of sharing about our worlds and how we are making sense of them with other women who get us and understand us does take practice. So, I have given some thought to how to connect with that part of us we tend to keep hidden or very rarely let out into the sunshine when given the opportunity to bring it forward in Circle.

  • SHARE: Freely and without a filter. Be safe in knowing that what comes is what is needed for you in this time – No second guessing yourself.
  • OPEN: Be open to your own thoughts and feelings and open to bearing witness for your sisters’ thoughts and feelings.
  • FREEDOM: Play with what you are feeling and seeing in Circle, be curious and carefree without the usual filters of society’s niceties – bring out your inner child.
  • INTUITION: Tap into that inner knowing; awakening, recognising and sharing what is happening for you in the moment is the time-honoured way of women.
  • ALLOW: Give yourself permission to really give yourself this time away from the demands of the world. Swap stories from your life experiences, there is so much wisdom in that.

There is no denying it is not as easy as we first think, but it is very doable, and the rewards are very tangible and immediate.

Follow your innate intuition, talk about your experiences and feelings (you are the number one authority on this topic after all) and when working on a skill… practice, practice, practice!

See you in Circle soon x

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