Creating a sacred space or an altar in your home is like having a safe place for you to cultivate and gather items which make you feel loved, motivated and strong!

Altars have been with us forever and serve as a focal point for our intentions, devotions and honouring of our highest selves. A home altar is a collage of items that inspire and centre you. Finding a place in your home that you love to spend time in is the ideal location for your home altar. Gathering items which call or speak to you and are aligned with the ‘sense’ of your altar (you may wish to honour your friendships, loved ones, pets, tose who have gone before us or the seasons), where you place them mindfully and with thought, care and honouring your intention for that space is as simple as it gets. You may like to go with the minimalistic trend and place a candle on a shelf, or you may wish to create an elaborate gathering of items whose alchelmy resonates with you – or perhaps you land somewhere in between.

There is no right or wrong way. “An altar is just an intentional space where you gather tokens—magical or otherwise—that help you feel connected to your highest power,” says Erica Feldmann

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Ths year I am honouring the season with my altar and have gathered items from my garden and around my home to symbolise the spiral into the darkest day of winter and the return to light as we move between the longest and darkest day of the winter solstice towards the light and new beginnings of spring. I found a round side table in my sitting room and set it with my altar cloth from The Sister Circles which has the directions, the seasons and the phases of the feminine cycle all in one cloth which serves as my foundation. You don’t need this, but I find it really helpful to get my bearings.

Placing the items around the cloth I added candles and incense and have been lighting each candle and the incense in the lead up to the solstice each day at sunset and sitting with the question ‘what does the approaching light want me to know?’ for about 5-10 minutes.

You don’t need to spend this much time with your home altar, the creation and the presence of it in your home brings a wonderful energy in itself.


Set an intention

If you’re going to create a sacred space in your home, consider what’s sacred to you. What’s the purpose, what are you wanting to honour, what are you celebrating or how do you want it to motivate, inspire or comfort you. Holding the answer to this quetion as you gather your altar items will bring a potency to your creation.

“If your happy place is in the kitchen, you can build an altar around cooking magic to encourage culinary creativity,” Feldmann says. “If your bath is the best part of your day, you can make temporary altars on the edge of the tub with candles, crystals, and your favorite stuff for soaking.”

Find a place

A quiet nook, a shelf, your nightstand or somewhere that you pass often can all work – the location is entirely based on where you feel called to put down the foundation of your sacred space and how you live.

“Make sure your altar is in a space that feels natural to you—somewhere you want to spend time and can do so comfortably,” says Feldmann.

Gather your items

There are no rules regarding what you can or should have on your home altar. Whether it’s a useful tool for clearing energy, honouring the seasons or your cycle, or photographs of those who are nearest and dearest to you, simply gather items that resonate. You may like to bring in pieces of nature, crystals, candles and incense to make it your special space.

The act of gathering items with an intention and mindfully placing them in a specific location is alchemy – alchemy is magic and so are you! May your at home altar bring you comfort, joy and some much deserved nurturing.

Giselle xo

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